Sunday, June 14, 2009

Tag Saleing my way to God

What is it about Saturday morning tag sales in June? I start off, my list in hand and make my way to the first destination. It is a multi family sale, with many houses participating in the small New England town. The first stop I see nothing. I continue and find a corner shelf that may do the trick, but I am unsure. The third stop is the treasure trove, packaged greeting cards and magnets. I love cards, the artwork, the paper. I have an addiction to paper products, note cards, knowledge cards, post its, you name it. I make my purchase and the hunt is on. I am seeking another treasure, and I know it is just at that next destination. Can we get to the sale across town? But we need to have lunch. But what if the perfect item is there and we miss it? Bargain hunting kind of reminds me of my spiritual path, as twisted as it is, I am always looking for something better, something that will finally complete me. Is it the book on meditation or the new yoga prop? Could it be the tarot card set or the crystal? These are all quick fixes and what I have been realising lately is that although God can be a quick fix, I must first have a relationship with her. A simple prayer does so much more that a get spiritual quick program. But just as a marriage takes time and energy to make work, I need to take the time and energy to have a relationship with my higher power. It is always there, I do not have to go down the street for the next treasure, I just need to sit, take a deep breath, close my eyes and say hi.

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