Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Anything Can Be Done in 4 Miles

That was my mantra today as my feet hit the pavement and my shin splints decided to say hello. I have rambled on about running before, but today I was able to stay in the mile and the minute. It is June in the lovely Berkshire Hills and June means horseflies. These pesky little creatures love carbon dioxide, movement and heat, the three things that are abundant while running. They are also a lot faster than I am. I have tried to runaway from them, and they still fly ahead, waiting for me down the path, as I sprint in an effort to escape. Standing in the middle of the road flailing does not work as well. The only thing that worked was to focus on my breath, come back into my body and focus on my run. Only then was I able to slap my hand down on my arm at the correct moment and make contact. Normally a peaceful person, I have come to terms with the fact that I will kill these pests. Give me spiders, snakes, moles and mice, and I will cohabitate. I will eat tofu and drink soy milk, but I draw the line here. They did however, help me to stay mindful today, to feel my muscles instead of zoning out, and to stay present to the nature that surrounds me when I run outside. If I can stay present for four miles, anything can be done.

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