Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Self Righteousness is not a bowl of cherries

Yesterday I expounded on the audacity of a newspaper thief. Self righteousness run rampant. Watch out world. They stole from ME? When my teenage son handed me the paper yesterday after getting home from school I had to laugh. The universe has such a sense of humor, and enjoyed a great big laugh at my expense. But the question is, can I laugh at myself? What is the big deal anyway? I get wrapped up in so many of life's details I forget that I really have it good. My refrigerator is stocked with yummy tofu and veggies, I have a beautiful apartment that is quiet and serene, and many fabulous friends. But if someone runs a red light, the sky could be falling and the world coming to an end. So what to do, love rather than be loved, or just lighten up? Whatever I choose today, self righteous indignation or grateful serenity will ultimately chart the course of my day. It is really up to me.

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