Thursday, June 18, 2009

Ritual Hairy Encounter

I reside with four felines, three of which sleep with me, curled up between legs, balanced on hip and flopped over forehead. We have a morning ritual, I set the clock for 5:14, and hit the snooze button three times before finally waking at 5:38. Somehow my companions know what time I really get up, as they never wake me before the correct moment. At 5:38 however, they are competing for attention and I have to make sure to pet all of them. Three cats weaving in and out of arm's reach keeps me busy for a few moments before I hit my knees and ask God for help throughout my day. The cats are my primer, they instantly connect me to spirit, little deities in feline bodies. They tell me that I am the most wonderful, loved, person on the planet, and help me to connect and get in "touch" with my day. My first waking moments are chock full of unconditional love, first from my cats, then from my prayers, which just might be one and the same.

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