Friday, July 16, 2010

Woman Cleans House: Country amazed

House Cleaning. Not my favorite way to pass the day, but I got to a point the other morning where I felt my life was truly unmanageable. Boxes were so precariously stacked in my storage area, a staircase leading to my neighbor’s apartment, that when the cat jumped upon the leaning tower of boxes, all came tumbling down, computer, care fresh pet bedding and Christmas ornaments which broke upon impact. I am not a fan of Christmas in July. I went through and purged, filling contractor bags with stuff I never knew I had, or never used and packing away the mementos, in an order (example: winter clothes where I can find them in the winter!). I still have areas to attend to, but the order, the space, the lack of crap scattered across the floor has brought me peace. I know that I need to do a spiritual housecleaning, taking an inventory of resentments and unsavory behavior and purging what doesn't bring me peace, but the physical housecleaning brought with it a sense of order, cleaning up the excess so that the next step will be more visible.

Yesterday, I stopped fighting the house. My cat has been punishing me for leaving on vacation by peeing all over the house (furniture, wood pile etc). I have been pulling hair trying to keep it cleaned amidst the loads of dust and dog hair. But instead of fighting with him (he would win) I bought outdoor furniture and placed a litter box filled with pine litter where the wood pile was. For a few moments I am jumping into the river and allowing myself to be carried downstream instead of trying to paddle upstream. And it feels really good, plus I have a clean house for approximately 24 hours. Anyone want to come over this afternoon!!

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