Saturday, July 10, 2010

Spiritual Chemistry 101

There are a few things I know for sure.

1. Fear is the driving force behind many of my decisions and reactions.
2. When I surrender and allow God to take over, miracles occur.
3. The space in between the fear and the surrender is painful, uncomfortable and unnecessary.
4. All feelings pass when I do not numb them with chemicals, and or any other addictive substances / distractions.


The fear will pass and miracles will occur without unnecessary discomfort if I surrender situations immediately to God. If God (GoD) and gratitude (G2) is added to fear (F4) the chemical reaction and the end result, miracles and peace, is speeded up. The goal is to add the God and gratitude to the fear in a timely fashion in order to achieve the end product. F4 + (GoD + G2) = Serenity.

A word on miracles. Miracles are not burning bushes, diet coke turning to Coke classic or tofu and vegetables multiplying. A miracle is when one receives a phone call from someone looking for some extra help for cash after the electric company decides to shut off your power, or when a deer crosses the road, slowing you down so the officer has no excuse to pull you over in Egremont. I am noticing that the shorter the period of time that I spend trying to figure out how to make life work, and the longer I spend listening to God and taking the next right action, the less time I spend in Fear. Fear and Faith really cannot exist at the exact same time. It's just a little fact of chemistry.

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