Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Don't Shame On Me

There are three words that should be taken out of the English language. One phrase to be precise. "Shame on you." These three words, when written in an editorial, express fear and a lack of compassion. A young man recently expressed the opinion that maybe we should take care of our fellow Americans. Someone used these hateful words (shame on you) to relate dismay at the man's lack of empathy for the victims of Haiti. Can we ever run out of compassion for our fellow human sufferer? Is the victim of the earthquake more worthy of love than a single mom just trying to feed her children and experiencing dismay? My Higher Power has enough love and compassion for all of us, even the one who utters the phrase that send chills down my spine. Shame is a deadly emotion that can be used to keep us from truly loving ourselves and others. Just for today I choose to attempt compassion for my human family, whether they live here, in Haiti, and whether they spread love or fear.

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