Thursday, July 14, 2011

When life hands us lemons

we are supposed to make lemonade, right? Have you ever had lemonade made merely from lemons? Pretty disgusting. If I am going to make lemonade, or the best of a situation, I need two additional ingredients for a stellar brew, sugar (gratitude) and water (God). If I have a daily spiritual practice which involves God and gratitude I won't be complaining about lemons, but as I tend to forget solutions that are gentle, I need to know how to whip up a batch of lemonade. Unemployment is not merely a scary time when rent and bills go unpaid, a little sugar and prayer turns this transitional period in my life into weeks finding out all the many fun facts about my personality, one of which is a strong desire to be of service to my community (the other is I hate to be bored and watch way too much tv). It is also a time to write, or to log in extra miles and really train for an upcoming race rather than wing it. It is a time when I can say yes to my partner who wants to head up to Vermont for a few days, and moments of spending hours by myself, in silence with my Creator. It is a beautiful scary time for which I am extremely grateful. How about them lemons?

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