Tuesday, June 21, 2011

That where there is error, I may bring truth

Tricky, especially since I am always right, but just who am I to say that there is an error? Where there is error within me, then and only then can I bring truth, and only internally. There is nothing that gets my juices flowing more than a good debate, especially with fundamentalists. The problem with this adrenaline high is that there is no give and take. I don't believe what they do or say and it is highly unlikely that I will change my mind, even though I am the devil incarnate and will be roasting over open flames for eternity. As long as Satan has chocolate and graham crackers I think I am fine with that. But who is to say that what they preach isn't truth? When it comes to answers about God, there is no hard truth, that is where Faith comes in. What do I believe as the Truth, my truth. Maybe there are many different truths and we all just have to muddle through and find our own personalized version. Maybe there is a higher Truth written on stone tablets by a guy with a beard, I don't know. I think the game is about the processe of finding what rings true. Today my path is narrower than it was even a year ago. Things I used to do are no longer ok, I am growing each time I reach out and invite my Creator in, each time my truth changes. Maybe I will save the error for the math equations, lots of wrong to be fixed in that department, and just allow myself to look for the truth, my truth. After all, 2 + 3 can always equal 4. Ask any Philosophy Major.

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