Tuesday, June 21, 2011

McDreamy Revisited

I admit it, I am now completely powerless over "Grey's Anatomy" and my life has become unmanageable. At least I waited to watch this series until after I completed my final semester of school. The most dangerous words as of late are "next episode." Thank you Netflix for being my pusher. What sucks me into a series? Drama, love and relationships, characters "getting together. " I remember, sitting in front of the computer screen, watching episode after episode of "Gilmore Girls," waiting ever so impatiently for Lorelai and Luke to finally hook up, and I won't tell you the rest. Seven seasons later I was in the Optometrist's office getting my eyes adjusted. I have dabbled in series since then, was disappointed when NBC pulled the plug on "Lipstick Jungle" and got a little bored after a few seasons of "Monarch of the Glenn." Which leads me to today, GG was my gateway drug, and I now am pondering how long it will take to write this post, as I need to find out what happens with Meredith and McDreamy. Television is a perfect release from reality, writers create a world in which problems are solved in thirty minutes as opposed to my three month stint with unemployment. Time is compressed and reality is two dimensional. I live vicariously through my favorite characters, experiencing on the screen what it must be like to be the girlfriend of a beautiful surgeon with amazing floppy hair. Although in this dream, I have completed years of medical school, working on becoming a doctor, a career I am not at all suited for. I have a house and roommates who are there for me, and a beautiful boyfriend who breaks my heart and puts it back together. I am living a comfortable life although working hard, a Stanford graduate maybe, I can't remember as I slowly drift back to reality, to the words on the screen, the sound of my fingers on the keys, to my life that is, although not glamorous and filled with internal organs, filled with all I could ever dream of having, a partner who loves me, a beautiful son and apartment with a fireplace. I have a newly printed degree and a family that supports my endeavors. I have a vast network of amazing friends and a relationship with God, cats that wake me in the morning and dogs that are always happy to see me (if I have been gone for over an hour). McDreamy be damned, I am grateful. I can go another few hours without finding out what happened to Denny or Burke.

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