Monday, January 3, 2011

New Years

Happy New Year everyone. A few days ago we celebrated the beginning  of 2011  and the time of year when we set goals for the upcoming 365 days. One notices an increase in fellow folk at the gym and a decrease in the packs of cigarettes sold per day. For me however, a year is too large a chunk of time to plan for and my goals become unmanageable. I go for the "lose 20 pounds" instead of "eat healthier." All I have is today, all I can handle is today. My New Years Resolutions this year? Not to make a resolution and stay in the day, remain in the moment and set small doable goals for myself. Today I will remember that every day is a fresh start, I don't have to radically change my life on January 1, I can make small changes throughout the year. That feels doable.

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