Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Just Do It

I traveled to Brookline Massachusetts Sunday, 270 miles round trip to see one of my favorite speakers, Mike Dooley, author of Notes from the Universe. It was well worth the drive and Christ's Church Unity welcomed me into their fold and made me feel part of the family. As I am not a big fan of organized religion, I was surprised to enjoy the service which included a meditation, song and readings from scripture. One of the points that Mike stressed after the service in his talk, was gratitude. As we open ourselves to gratitude, instead of focusing on the lack in life, the floodgates of the Universe open and possibilities gush right in. You'll have to explore the book, Manifesting Change: It Couldn't Be Easier if you want to know more about manifesting, but I have been toying with his teachings for years, and can say without a doubt that if I practice radical gratitude, my life changes. No buts, no ifs, it changes. I also become a nicer gal in the process. I had an exam to take the day after the lecture, and as I found out, it is very hard to study in the car on the turnpike while driving near Boston. I know, kind of stupid, but it was a major exam and I made the choice to see Mike (and get my book signed, yippee) so was a little behind in my schoolwork. The day of the exam I let my God take over and instead of bemoaning the fact that I would fail because I didn't have enough time to study, I told everyone around me that I was going to rock the exam. I did, the material on the exam was material I knew and enjoyed writing about. I was happy to take it. No, Pollyanna didn't overtake my body, I just experienced what it feels like to live a full, meaningful life that is graced with gratitude and a positive attitude. How do I allow God into my life? How do I practice gratitude when I don't want to? How do I allow magnificence in? Nike knows the answer. Just do it. And if you don't, quit complaining. And remind me next time I forget.

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