Thursday, November 19, 2009

Green - Eyed Monsters Coming to Roost

Nothing like a little metaphor mixing to put a gal in a good mood. My attitude today has been less than stellar. It is time for a major shot of gratitude. Thanksgiving is coming up in a week and it is that time of year when we all sit around our cozy tables giving thanks for all of this year's pleasures. The table is decorated with gourds and a cornucopia, overflowing, symbolizing all that we have. Then the day after we scramble to stores to purchase more for loved ones because they do not have enough. Walking through the mall 3 weeks ago I was aghast to see Christmas decorations filling the aisles. Gift ideas were displayed and trees were lit. Today I am looking at the balance in my checking account and I am not feeling grateful, nor in the holiday spirit. I am feeling quite alone, sitting in my apartment while my son is at work. The green - eyed monster has come to roost. This rather ugly creature has three heads and oozes slime from its rather large pores. It sees toddlers laughing as their parents are swooning in marital bliss. It sees women clothes shopping and stashing their goods in brand new shiny SUV's. Not that I want these things mind you, yet the grass is always greener on the other side of the bridge. Maybe, though I could cut myself a little slack. It is tough being a single mom trying to put herself through school, commuting over two hours a day at a challenging school. It is hard to find time to do dishes and pay bills and grocery shop, especially when the money just isn't there. Maybe if I could just hang out with the green - lipped monster for say 10 minutes, have a cup of tea, then politely ask her to hit the yellow brick road, these feelings of jealousy will pass. Then I can sit down, write a gratitude list and call a friend. Maybe then I can reach out to be of service to someone who is worse off, who doesn't have an incredible connection of fabulous friends and a semester of challenging enlightening classes. Maybe just by writing this, the mood will shift and I will realize that I do have so much to be grateful for, my home, my family, my animals, and daily gifts that runneth over. Ok Green - toed demon, take a hike.

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