Thursday, July 2, 2009

Of God and French Toast

This morning I was wondering just how I could have a lasting relationship with a nondenominational God. Most folk have a church they go to, for prayer, and celebration. I choose not to be part of organised religion. In most of these practices I would not be allowed to serve God, because I happen to be lacking a Y chromosome. I do want, however, a lasting relationship with God. So I am creating my own religion, or more so, my own personal relationship with a high deity. As this is a relationship, I first look to my earthly relationships to know how to start. When I am in a living arrangement with a partner, I wake up and say Good Morning to the person sleeping next to me. Today I choose to say Good Morning to God. As I thank this hypothetical person for cooking me a beautiful feast of French toast and soy bacon, I therefore thank God for my breakfast. I call up hypothetical partner throughout the day, "Hey," I'll say, "how is your day?" I will keep in contact with this partner throughout my day, checking in at various points, asking for help with different duties, and letting this person "see" me, the good parts and the ugly parts. I will practice honesty with this person. These little practices with my hypothetical mate can be used to form a lasting partnership with a higher power. Hypothetical Person, Higher Power, both relationships need to grow, and both need an energy expenditure from me. I have to do the work in order to get the French toast.

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