Saturday, April 24, 2010

Self Righteous Woman

Her costume has "S" across the front, her cape is long and flowing, she can cut someone to shreds with her thoughts and tongue. She is Self Righteous Woman, able to harness a resentment in a single moment. Driving down the road I transformed into SRW with the super human capabilities of thrashing and dicing. The driver of the Volvo tailgating me was almost the victim of this Superhero. I was driving the speed limit, and the driver dared to pass me in a town known for its speed traps. I hoped for the materialization of the cop, who always parked in hidden places along the country roads. What happened to loving everyone? I had in fact asked my Higher Power to help me become a more patient, loving gal. SRWdoes not love, holds no empathy and displays no compassion. She is right, she is righteous, she is Self Righteous Woman. Maybe the cop did nab my Volvo friend, maybe they got to where they were going. I do know how it feels to be late when a slow driver pulls out in front of me. Maybe next time I could remember that feeling as they violently pull around my car. Maybe.

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